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Coming soon, thoughts, tasting notes and other observations on wine, wineries and related matters to palate satisfaction!

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When in Epernay … well… drink bubbles of course!

Stopping first at H.Blin whose specialise in peniuer menunier including both single varietal expressions and single vineyard single varietal vintage expressions… a great place to start exploring how the 3 main champagne grapes are grown and blended to achieve the different styles.


Portlyman was a fitting nicknamed and play on words relating to both my love of port (and wines of course) which I acquired while working at Portman Vintners and my less that svelte stature!

This blog is focussed on wines and wineries of all styles, still and sparkling, fortified or not … but … I’ll probably cross over to cover a few restaurants and points of interest to be found in and around wine producing regions or elsewhere if I see a vino connection!

I hope you enjoy the site and welcome feedback and participation …

Please send me a message on the contact page for any specific requests.


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